Panels: blog post versions of lecture-style panels held at conventions. So far about historic anime and manga, LGBTQ themes in anime and manga, and the overlap between.

Favorites of the Year: Malia and Karleen’s annual blog post list of standout works by medium.

Politics with Pizza: Malia and Karleen’s series of retrospective blog posts on the mecha anime Code Geass, the good and the bad, ten years later.

Rainbow Releases: Malia and Karleen’s series of LGBTQ and adjecent anime and manga recommendations.

Tour of Motorcity: Karleen’s series of retrospective blog posts on the cancelled Disney XD cartoon Motorcity, from sociological context to fandom memories.

12 Days of Anime: Annual challenge to write twelve blog posts in twelve days leading up to Christmas. In 2018 Karleen published nine out of twelve.

AMV Theater: Karleen’s series of anime music video recommendation blog posts.

LGBTQ Manga Book Club: experimental monthly online book club for manga with LGBTQ themes, open to LGBTQ folks and allies. Discontinued in 2017. Archived on WordPress and on Goodreads.