Welcome to Coherent Cats, a blog about pop culture and not-so-popular culture. Here we aim to write about media, fiction, storytelling, representation, art, fandom, and more from an analytical and critical perspective with a personal touch. No elitism here. We explore our passions and don’t shy away from writing about any medium or genre.

Coherent Cats currently has two owners and writers, Malia and Karleen. If you are a friend interested in joining us as a writer, please contact us at coherentcats[at]gmail[dot]com.

Malia (@catfishingwords on Twitter)


An almost professional librarian. I tend to ramble and repeat myself a lot, so I’m working on that. I have two cats, Juliet and Scout.

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Karleen (@notcarlene on Twitter)

I’ve been looking at media with my sociological imagination long before I got my BA in sociology, and now I’m here to write about it. I tend to gravitate to animation but I’ll try anything… once I get around to it.

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