Discontinuing the LGBTQ Manga Book Club

Discontinuing the LGBTQ Manga Book Club

As you may have noticed, there wasn’t an LGBTQ Manga Book Club post in October. There was one in the works for Tokyo Babylon, but things got busy. Juggling my job, other projects, etc. has been a problem before, but last month it just didn’t work out. I had already been considering closing the book club due to lack of participation, and I’m taking this as a sign I’m not up to the task of running it regularly and fostering activity. There has been interest since I proposed my book club idea back in spring, but not enough engagement to warrant monthly updates. I can’t blame people for not participating since I left a lot of discussions unanswered myself, but more that things just didn’t come together.

The WordPress posts will be archived and Goodreads group will remain, and people are free to answer the old discussion questions if they like.

  1. My Brother’s Husband Volume One
  2. My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness
  3. Rica ‘tte Kanji!?
  4. Princess Knight
  5. Sweet Blue Flowers Volume One

I believe in “doing what you love” and the LGBTQ Manga Book Club was important to me (and Malia), but it couldn’t live on only our love when a book club by design requires cooperation. Maybe it will return someday but for now I’d rather focus on different ventures, including the articles Coherent Cats was created for. Thank you for any and all the interest in the book club the past months.

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