Rainbow Releases: LGBTQ Anime and Manga of 2019

This aims to be an overview of LGBTQ and adjacent releases, though some may be missed by human error. Listed release dates may also be inaccurate as they change on the publisher side. For current release dates, see Otaku Calendar. We don’t have the funds to check out every title nor do we recommend every title, so see the seasonal posts for what we recommend among them.

Winter: January, February, March


  • 9th: Dororo directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi on Amazon Prime, featuring OP by Queen Bee
  • 20th: Blue Flag by KAITO simulpub and backlog on Shueisha Manga Plus
  • 22nd: 10 Dance vol. 1 by Inouesatoh from Kodansha
  • 22nd: Hitorijime My Hero vol. 1 by Memeko Arii from Kodansha
  • 22nd: Yuri Is My Job! vol. 1 by Miman from Kodansha
  • 22nd: Yuri Bear Storm vol. 1 by Akiko Morishima from TOKYOPOP
  • 23rd: Land of the Lustrous directed by Takahiko Kyōgoku on blu-ray from Sentai Filmworks
  • 29th: Now Loading…! by Mikan Uji from Seven Seas Entertainment



Spring: April, May, June


  • Sarazanmai directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara from Crunchyroll/Funimation



Summer: July, August, September


  • 3rd: Astra Lost in Space directed by Masaomi Andō from Funimation
  • 11th: Given directed by Hikaru Yamaguchi from Crunchyroll
  • 23rd: Our Dreams at Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare vol. 2 by Yuhki Kamatani from Seven Seas Entertainment
  • 30th: Skull-Faced Bookseller Honda-san vol. 1 by Honda from Yen Press


  • 4th: Graduates (Classmates vol. 2) by Asumiko Nakamura from Seven Seas Entertainment
  • 6th: Killing Me! vol. 1 by Akiyama from Yen Press
  • 6th: Cocoon Entwined vol. 1 by Yuriko Hara from Yen Press
  • 13th: Yuri Life by Kurukuruhime from Yen Press
  • 20th: The Poe Clan vol. 1 by Moto Hagio and translated by Rachel Thorn from Fantagraphics


  • 24th: Our Dreams at Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare vol. 3 by Yuhki Kamatani from Seven Seas Entertainment

Winter: October, November, December




  • Rose of Versailles omnibus vol. 1 by Ryoko Ikeda from Udon Entertainment
  • 3rd: Our Dining Room by Mita Ori from Seven Seas Entertainment
  • 10th: Seven Days: Monday-Sunday by Venio Tachibana & Rihito Takarai from SuBLime Manga