Note: Allegations

Though sexual abuse in the animation industry and the #MeToo movement isn’t the subject at hand, I would be remiss to not mention allegations against creators in Where to Find…

Cartoon Network fired Skyler Page, the original creator of Clarence, after fellow CN employees and other artists publicly discussed him sexually assaulting a coworker.

Nickelodeon fired Chris Savino, the original creator of The Loud House, after multiple Nickelodeon employees came forward about sexual abuse from him.

Twelve Forever was produced by PUNY Entertainment, “A Petosky & Hardwick Studio” according to the closing credits. Chris Hardwick, a co-owner of PUNY, allegedly sexually abused a former girlfriend. Shadi Petosky, the other owner of PUNY, and Julia Vickerman, the creator of Twelve Forever, remaining business partners and collaborators with Hardwick. Julia Vickerman has also attempted to distance herself from past “jokes” about her being attracted to underage boys.

Former employees of Wonderstorm, the studio of The Dragon Prince, and other former coworkers of Aaron Ehasz have come forward about abuse working under him.