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Glee Club Reunion #1

Glee Club Reunion #1

So, Glee. It’s only 2016, so just a little over a year since it officially ended though at least a few years since its actual.

There’s a lot that’s already been said about this show: It’s innovative, it’s messy, it’s breaking down cultural barriers, it treats everyone horribly and is proud of it, etc. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. I can’t imagine I’ll add much new discourse or insight about it but, as a personal curiosity and project, I can try to dig at what struck a nerve during my teenage years and see what still holds up (or at least taps into my nostalgia and fondness).

Basically, I’m going to watch it all, because Netflix is an amazing convenience and enabler. About half of it will be a rewatch and the other half is brand new to my jaded eyes (though I did watch the series finale and read plenty of spoilers). So something like a recap and review series. I was planning to do a post for every episode but there’s six seasons with 121 episodes. No one needs that. I’ll probably just post every few or several episodes with some single episodes highlighted? It depends on how I feel.¬† Also I’m calling it “Glee Club Reunion.”

To be upfront about a few things:

  • I hate Will Schuester. I didn’t always hate him but I’ll get into that later.
  • I like Puck a lot, but I feel very dubious about Mark Salling, given the news of being charged with possession of child pornography. I don’t feel too uncomfortable talking about his character, as they are separate, but I wanted to be clear about this.
  • I’m quite critical of the show. I have affection for it but it’s deeply,¬†deeply flawed. This is a way of revisiting my criticisms of a teenager and seeing if those are still valid, as well as remember what worked.
  • I have, frankly, fairly bad taste in music. I have plenty of songs I would die on a hill for, but I’m also down for a lot of mediocre pop garbage. And some ballads.¬†Guaranteed, no matter what episode, I will like at least one song. So I’ll have a bit at the end about which songs I like and dislike (I might make a playlist of my favorites later.)
  • I’m not a film major, or an English, or any sort of expert in anything about storytelling. I just have my thoughts and my feelings that I’ll try my best to articulate.
  • Will Schuester is a badly written character.

Anyway, I watched the pilot last night.

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